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Comment Policy

u comment i follow graphicGreat comments make for a great site. To encourage bloggers, especially knitters, to take time out of their busy day to leave meaningful remarks, I have joined the U Comment I Follow community.

If you are a knitter, fiber artist, or simply part of the overwhelming majority of good people in the world, the following comment policy is not referring to you. Enjoy my knitting content and I always welcome your feedback, however brief or detailed.

However, in an age of spammers such as Joe Does Great Tires or Emma’s Fancy Flings, a comment policy is necessary.

This means a blogger will receive a link back from this site after 3 approved comments on 3 different posts from 3 different days. For those doing mental math, it simply means 3 comments in total, spread out on three different posts. All comments are moderated before posting, even if you are a returning visitor. I try to check my email once a day to get things approved.

My goal is to thank those bloggers who make this site better. Since I have no intention of becoming a spam farm, please keep the following in mind.

  • If your name is essentially an advertisement, you will be deleted
  • If your site is not a blog, you will likely be deleted unless you are knitting related
  • If your name is the same as mine, Kathryn, you will be nofollow because my name is nofollow. Pick a different name or spelling
  • If your comment is of the … “Great post but I didn’t really read your entry because I’m too lazy and just want a link back” variety, you may be posted, but with no link back
  • If you include a link within your comment, it will be nofollow
  • If I wouldn’t let my kids visit your site, neither will my readers
  • If your site is offensive, your IP will be banned

To manage comments, my webmaster installed Lucia’s LinkyLove plug-in. Lucia is also the keeper of the Machine Knit Bloggers Webring.