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White Superba Knitting Machine Stitch Cam Return Spring

gutter-rows-1We took apart our White 1602 Back Carriage to try and figure out why it knits stockinette with awful gutter rows.

The carriage is clean, oiled, and no sticky cams. Still, every other row is slightly larger than the previous row.

When I got the machine, the back bed circular key and cam was stuck in the on position, and probably been that way for years.


gutter-rows2It is a bit easier to see the gutter rows on the purl side of the fabric. It looks horribly uneven, regardless of stitch size selected. Every other row has a slightly larger stitch size than the previous row.

Choosing a larger number on the dial does not eliminate the problem, but it is less visible since rows are further apart due to enlarged stitch size.


We took the carriage apart one last time and went as far as removing the Stitch Cam return springs. There is definitely a difference between the left spring and right spring. (left and right when looking at the back of the carriage)

white-knitting-machine-stitch-cam-spring-1Left side spring wire has an obvious bend at the end opposite its hook. It does not lay flat on the paper. This side of the carriage did show signs of having been jammed at some point because a plastic piece near where this spring lies has a deep ding in it probably due to being hit by a needle butt.

white-knitting-machine-stitch-cam-spring-2The right side lays much straighter and flatter. There is a bend about an inch from its hook end. Don’t know if that bend is suppose to be there, though the other spring seems to have a similar bend near its hook end. This right side wire was the spring that was stuck in circular for years.

white-knitting-machine-stitch-cam-spring-5Holding the two springs vertically gives a better perspective to how much the left spring is bent relative to the right spring.

This being my first White Knitting Machine, I don’t know which spring is correct.

I’m assuming the bent left one shouldn’t be so bent. Do I simply bend it back to straight?