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Make A Spinning Wheel Conrod Joint Out Of A 20 Cent Piece Of Vinyl Boat Cushion Cording

spinning wheel conrod joint 1Awhile back I found an Ashford Traveller spinning wheel at a church rummage sale.

Somehow between then and now, without it ever being used, my conrod joint snapped in half.
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August 26, 2008   2 Comments

Iris Bishop is coming to the Needle-Tek Fall Festival Knitting Machine Seminar 2008

iris bishop autumn winter 1990 fair isle knitting machine patternsAre you going? It’s the first weekend in October.

The deadline for advance registration for the Fall Festival Knitting Machine Seminar is August 31st. The event is hosted by Needle-Tek and it’s in Clackamas, Oregon.

This year, an extra day has been added to host Iris Bishop, a renowned machine knitter from the UK. I love how Iris combines completely different types of fair isle designs in the same garment. It will be great to see her samples in person rather than pictures from books.

Here’s crossing my fingers I didn’t procrastinate too long in mailing in my registration.

August 19, 2008   1 Comment

How To Thread A Pink Passap Duomatic 4 Color Changer

Daniel at Daily Blog Tips challenged his readers to define, “What is a blog?”

For me the answer is straight forward. A blog allows me to share photos and information with anyone, anywhere, at anytime. This is especially important for those of us addicted to knitting machines yet isolated from others who share our passion.

The easiest way to demonstrate is by answering Enka’s question on how to thread a Pinkie 4 color changer.
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August 14, 2008   5 Comments

How Many Tears Does A Mom Have?

raining-tearsMy first born left for college.
She is 2500 miles away.

I’ve spent two days trying not to think.
It hurts too much.

I bawled all the way home from the airport.

I’ll see her at Christmas.
It doesn’t help the tears.

your heart out dear.
I could not be prouder.


August 12, 2008   2 Comments

Knitters Of The Week

Rather than scattering link posts throughout my site, I’m going to consolidate them into a couple of monthly postings called Knitters of the Week.

Here you might discover new-to-you machine knitters, hand knitters, or knitting related stuff I stumbled upon while doing research for future posts.

I’ll also use this space to thank other bloggers for highlighting me on their blog.
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August 10, 2008   1 Comment

How To Install A Passap Duomatic 80 Racking Handle

Elaine asked in the comments,

Just found your Web site this morning and am so happy I just want to get started kniting this baby blanket as soon as I find out how to install the racking handle and how to put the deco on to the front bed. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated. Thank in advance. Elaine

The racking handle is easy to install. The only catch is you have to give it a good push at the end so it pops into the socket that shifts the beds back and forth. Follow my simple 9 step photo tutorial and you will be up and racking in no time.
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August 7, 2008   6 Comments

Free Knitting Patterns for Machine, Passap, and Hand Knit

I’ve created three new pages at the right in my Navigation sidebar.

Free Knitting Patterns – Hand
Free Knitting Patterns – Machine
Free Knitting Patterns – Stitch Designs

The Hand and Machine pages are a collection of photo links back to the posts where the patterns originally appear. I’ve included a brief description of the equipment I used.

This should make searching a lot easier.
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August 4, 2008   11 Comments

Changes are coming to my RSS feed

I want to take a moment and personally thank my RSS subscribers for their vote of confidence in me and this site.
big rss thank you
It totally makes my day to see how many new knitters have chosen to click on the big orange button at the top of this page so they can be notified in an RSS reader of their choice or via email that a new post is waiting.

Besides writing this blog, I also enjoy reading other sites. I know first hand how strongly people feel about full vs partial feeds. In the past, I’ve published a full feed. For a variety of reasons, that is no longer working for me.
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July 31, 2008   2 Comments