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1600 Balls and Cones – How To Hand Knit A Mattress

It’s clips like this that remind me I don’t really have stash issues. And even if I did, I could furnish a bedroom.


Rachel John, Extreme Knitting, 1000 Strand Knit

March 16, 2009   10 Comments

Name That Yarn Sinker Plate Assembly

I stopped by one of my favorite thrift shops yesterday and found this gal all by her lonesome, taped up in a plastic bag.

Anyone know what machine she belongs to?

She predates anything I have. There is only one yarn guide and no way to add a second color unless you remove the first. My guess is an old Brother 210 bulky, but the only one I ever had was sold several years ago and my memory is sketchy at best.





February 25, 2009   7 Comments

Miniature Sweaters For Coraline By Althea Crome

Althea Crome has gone Hollywood as the knitter of the miniature sweaters in Coraline.

See the Midnight Star sweater pictured at left at the 1:05 mark in the Miniature Knitter bio clip and starting at 1:22 in the movie trailer.

When done, go grab the pattern and knit your own Coraline Star Sweater – in sizes for kids through adult.



February 23, 2009   3 Comments

Top Knitting Blogs With Public RSS Stats

top-knitting-blogs-rssHaving looked at knitting blogs with lots of links and traffic, the last stat stop is RSS.

Not everyone visits a blog directly. Life is busy and reading a feed saves time. It’s not unusual to find a blog with average traffic having boatloads of subscribers.

When knitting blogs were first gaining ground, Bloglines ruled. Today, not so much.
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February 19, 2009   16 Comments

How To Sew An Invisible Vertical Flat Seam For Hand Or Machine Knits

As demonstrated in my Fairy Easy Passap Tuck Hat pattern, sometimes you need a flat, reversible join. This is particularly true for hats and socks.

When it’s time to seam, most patterns will tell you to mattress stitch which involves catching the horizontal threads on each side. That works well for sweaters where a sturdy seam is hidden on the inside. Not so good if your garment is reversible. When you turn up the brim of a hat, you don’t want to see a thick ridge.

This weaving technique, which some refer to as a Bickford Seam, works when both edge stitches are plain knit. You need matching sides of stockinette knots and loops. The seam is flat so regardless of which side is chosen, no ugly lump sticks out.
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February 17, 2009   13 Comments

Keep Your Ears Warm and Ensure DVD Privacy On Those Long Flights


Headed home from your favorite knitting seminar? Airplane air conditioning hurt your ears?

Knit yourself a Compubody Sock for in flight comfort and privacy. No more worries about that pesky seat mate leaning too close to watch your movie.

Just make sure to use wool when you knit a Laptop Compubody Sock. Battery overheating won’t melt the fiber.

February 16, 2009   5 Comments

Love is

[photo by notanartist]
Love is
Not a box of chocolates
Not a script filled card
Not a dozen roses
Nor a new car

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February 14, 2009   2 Comments

Carnival Thank You’s

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