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You Know You Are A Sock Knitter When…

reynolds cantata cotton hand knitted sock with mock right twist cable knitting pattern …you’re laid out in the endodontist’s chair, head lower than your legs, shot up from three different syringes of novacaine, eye socket going numb from the quantity of pain killer, waiting for your first root canal to begin, and you’re knitting as fast as you can so you can get to the point of picking up stitches for the gusset.

And to top it off, the Endodontist, in between shots, asked if I knit the dark blue socks I was wearing.

Yes dear readers, you’ll be very happy to know that I finally wore a pair out in public and I had a witness.


The yarn for my spring ribbed cabled socks is Reynolds Cantata, a cotton/nylon blend.
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May 7, 2007   2 Comments

Passap Sock Toe Woe Solution For Too Many Dropped Stitches

I’ve been working on a new pair of Machine Knit Hand Knit socks for Bill. In the past, I’ve made many pairs on a Japanese flat bed machine with ribber, never a Passap. This was my first Duo 80 sock.

All went well until the decreases for the toe refused to knit off both stitches. I didn’t even know I had a problem until I finished and removed the sock from the machine. One of the stitches in a paired decrease would knit cleanly, it’s mate on the same needle would drop. While knitting, all appeared fine when it wasn’t.
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May 3, 2007   8 Comments

Gardening and Passap Reversible Tuck Stitch Swatching

sprint bush sugar snap pea vegetable garden transplants

The peas are up and looking good. I wish I could say the same for the tomatoes, squash, and sunflowers. Anything that prefers a bit of warmth has refused to germinate. As of right now, I’m looking at a garden of shallots, garlic, peas, dill, and store bought tomato plants. The squash may still decide to cooperate. I dug around in their pots and found that the seeds hadn’t rotted – they are just too cold to poke out of their shells.
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April 16, 2007   8 Comments

Machine Knit Racked Full Fisherman Scalloped Baby Blanket Pattern

My machine knitting group makes small blankets to support a local hospital’s stillborn program. Sadly, not every mom who delivers a baby is able to take her child home. Given the tiny size of these infants, the blankets range from 18 to 22 inches square. The mothers can keep it as a remembrance, or wrap the child in it for burial.

Passap knitting machine racked full fishermans zig zag wavy free knitted baby blanket pattern ex/ex
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April 12, 2007   12 Comments

Easter Clues To A Vintage Knitting Surprise

Note to self: if you allow the daughter to create the clues for hiding the Easter baskets, be prepared to locate your high school Spanish and French dictionaries. Apparently watching one’s parents complain and moan as they struggle to decipher a multi lingual word jumble increases one’s teenage bunny day enjoyment.

vintage antique Boye circular knitting needle pin paper packaging envelope size 2 The fact she thought ahead and made it “easy”, with each scrambled word containing all the letters necessary for each hidden non-English word, only made us feel more stupid.

The embarrassing agony was worth it in the end. My basket contained a vintage paper envelope for a Boye metal circular pin. I’ve found the needles at estate sales, but never the original packaging. Bill rescued it from a favorite thrift shop on the way home from work.

It made my day.

Note to Daughter: happy parents are to child as fully loaded kid basket is to Easter Bunny.

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Be Careful What You Promise With Regards To Spinning Wheels

ashford traveller spinning wheel closeup unfinished wood I swore I’d never buy one. Never. Ever.

I have yarn. A whole basement corner stuffed with cones and skeins and balls and bits. Why would I want to make more?

I’ve been very strong. When friends went on and on about how great spinning was, I smiled politely and reminded myself that as long as no raw wool entered my house, I was safe.

But this little one was sitting all by itself in the back corner of a church rummage sale. It was lonely and unloved – even the eBay pickers had shunned it.

I couldn’t leave it there. It was already mid morning. If I didn’t bring it home there is no telling what would happen to it. Besides, I still have no spinning fiber anywhere on my property. I was rescuing this little gal for purely aesthetic reasons. She’s beautiful.

Dear, I swear we won’t get sheep. Never. Ever.
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April 2, 2007   2 Comments

My Canadian Wee Tiny Sock Swap

Look what arrived Saturday from Ella – a Wee Tiny Sock all the way from London, Ontario, Canada.

Not only did I receive a wonderful little gem made out of Lang’s Jawoll wool/cotton blend,
canadian wee tiny sock swap toe up
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March 26, 2007   No Comments - Be the First!

Seattle Knitters Guild Fiber Frenzy Sale

Ah March. The season of spring cleaning and my favorite knitting garage sale. Rather than selling, this year I shopped. Nothing cost me more than $3 a skein. The purple Reynolds lot was 3 balls for a buck.

Looks like I’ll be knitting socks…
berroco europa superwash wool cotton multi colored knitting yarn
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March 22, 2007   No Comments - Be the First!