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Free Knitting Patterns – Stitch Designs

Here are my banner designs and other assorted DesignaKnit DAK files for free download. I’ve also included Win_Crea cut format for Passap and gif files for hand knitters to print out. As new designs are added, the old ones will fall to the bottom of the page.

Since I make many of these designs for my blog header rather than actual knitting, you may need to limit some of the colors per row unless you are into multi-colored double bed jacquard or intarsia.

You are free to use the stitch patterns for non-commercial purposes.

If you don’t have DesignaKnit, the easiest way to alter the stitch designs is to download the freeware Win_Crea. You can then change the colors, stretch the graphic, add columns, delete rows, etc. Simply save your changes to the cut file or print screen to make a graphic for hand knitting.